•• Textile Dream Studio (TDS) has LEFT the Building…!

Sue Fox Quilts
  • In July of 2020, after twelve years as a gathering space for the sewing and quilting community, Textile Dream Studio closed its physical doors for the final time at its bricks and mortar location in west Berkeley’s Arts District.  Thousands and thousands of lovely people walked through our doors during those years… Hundreds of classes and workshops, many ongoing group activities, and several thousand quilts tops quilted on the studio’s Gammill long-arm machine in that beloved studio space— All memories now

A long anticipated move to a home based sewing & long-arm studio has provided Sue Fox with an opportunity for reviewing a lifetime of textile exploration and discovery.  While the pandemic has brought “Gather-In Activities” to a halt for the time being, Fox is excited to have more time now for contemplative writing and personal quilt documentary projects.  


  • •• Over the coming years, TextileDreamStudio.com will play hostess to 

A New Array of Inspirational & Educational Resources for you, dear quilter 


On our newly expanding website, you’ll discover several regular “columns” and image essays— 

  • Visual Inspiration Journal Pages;  •Long-arm Notes;  •A Creative Spark Plug;  •Salvaged and Stitched;  •“That Quilt” Step-by-Step— and more, with new articles and image essays added monthly.  


Textile Dream Studio is morphing to become an online Educational Archive, with tons of creative content garnered from Fox’s 40+ year career of working with sewing machines— both in stitching “for hire” and for personal pleasure— and using unusual fabrics of all sorts.  As a former theatrical costumer (and “Art to Wear” garment maker), as well as being a professional long-arm quilter since 2002, Fox has developed a LOT of practical skills over the years.  “The TDS website is becoming a New Gathering Space— it’s a place for publishing and sharing *everything* I’ve learned over the past 4 decades, in my chosen field of engaging in creative work with textiles.  I think you will be pleased with what you’ll encounter in our TDS Journals.”


Join our mailing list to receive free inspirational & educational content, straight to your inbox, 4-6 times per year.  “I’m looking forward to sharing a lot of juicy goodies with YOU over the coming years!” 


Thanks for engaging in our Textile Dream— a Studio/Journal to encourage and guide you in successfully turning your various textile dreams into reality!!  (Together, we can.)  Xxooxox-- foxy


  • •• Please NOTE— In response to the 2020 pandemic shut-down, some TDS activities formerly held at the physical studio have gone online, while others are in suspension until further notice. Much will be revealed when we launch the newly expanded website. ••• (Folks on our mailing list will be the first to know!)   xxoo
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