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Hey, it’s Sue Fox here—  For the past few decades, I’ve made hundreds of quilts from Materials* that are both “Rescued & Unconventional” (*in terms of the commercial quilt-making world.)  

Since the very first time that I exhibited my own quilts made from Rescued Materials (whether it was silk, linen, wool, polar fleece, vintage fabrics—what-have-you), viewers confide that they love the results I get and that they want to make their own projects using Rescued Materials, yet… that they often feel intimidated about where to start using these “wild” materials… They do NOT behave like commercially produced quilter’s cottons.

Additionally, as a long-arm quilter, I’ve not only quilted my own quilts, but I’ve quilted thousands of quilts made by clients (both “Conventional” and “Unconventional” in nature.)   I’ve given a lot of thought (& had quite a bit of practice) in adding Effective Quilting that aims to ENHANCE the Pieced Quilt Designs and… in discovering how the choices involved in the preliminary process, meaning PRIOR to actual long-arm quilting, can subtly or dramatically shift the end results.

As I move into my “semi-retired” creative years, I decided to publish an Online Journal to share with you, focusing on— 

  • How I evaluate and prepare Rescued & Unconventional Materials that I use to make my own quilts… And how YOU can have similar success with using these ‘Wild Materials.’  
  • How I use the Long-arm Quilting Machine quilting to add texture & depth to my own (and my client’s) quilts… And how YOU can better understand the reasoning behind Long-arm Quilting choices so your own quilts can have a stronger finish.
  • How I use conscious Studio Practices to continually move my own Quilt-making & Creative Practice forward… And I share practical methods for how YOU can thoughtfully adopt a more intentional Studio/Creative Mindset of your own. 

(NOTE— For a PREVIEW of the work I am referring to, check out my Instagram & Facebook accounts.)

Whether you want to make one quilt or many, my goal for this Web/Journal is that YOU can gain both knowledge of techniques and confidence in your decision making process.  With these two keys in hand, I believe that you can more comfortably learn to produce quilts that you’ll always be proud of, regardless of the materials that you use.  So… Let’s get started…!  

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Here’s a Sneak Peek at some of the topics we are covering in our bi-monthly Web Journal—

•  Salvaged & Stitched— Specific & Practical Tips for Quilt-Making using Rescued & Unconventional fabrics.

•  Long-Arm Quilting Notes—  Hands-on Advice for anyone who: Takes their quilts to a Long-Arm Quilting Service… or… who: Owns a long- or mid-arm machine… or… who: Runs a long-arm business. 

•  On Tools & Techniques— YOUR Questions Answered.  A broad topic covering some of the most reliable (while not necessarily the latest) tools for the sewing & quilting workroom.

•  (Component) Recipes and (Design) Menus— Reliable Blocks and Quilt Lay-outs—  These are old standbys that work especially well when using Rescued and Unconventional materials.  Enough variety for a lifetime of quilt-making satisfaction.

 Textile Terminology— A (Highly Selective) Overview of fabric & sewing terms that often can cause confusion in the workroom… Hence my desire to de-mystify these terms for a more pleasant (and knowledgeable) experience at the sewing machine.

•  STUDIO PRACTICE: A Mindset—  Our work/space environment supports (or inhibits) our creative endeavors— This topic focuses on making the most of YOUR physical “Maker Space.” Also includes thoughts on Organizing —time, space, body, mind— aiming for the best possible outcome for our creative actions.  

•  A Creative Nudge— Inspiration & Encouragement for moving “your work” forward— whether it’s the actual making of art/craft work; the creative explorations; or the physical approach to engaging with the materials.  

•  Doing Work that Matters— Exploring why “we” do Donation Work, make Memory Quilts & join others in making Collaborative Projects.  People like us do things like this for a reason.

A bit about Sue Fox—

I’ve been making my living by sewing for close to 50 years (yikes!) and teaching the craft for more than 30 of those… I began my personal Quilt-making Practice, pretty much exclusively using Non-Commercial Materials, in the late 1990’s, around the time I also encountered and began using the long-arm quilting machine.

In making my own quilts using Unusual & Rescued Materials, I have definitely learned a LOT by trial and error (in fact, plenty of error…)  This, along with a prodigious amount of reading into the nature of various fibers (& studying the ‘recommended’ methods of using fabrics ordinarily destined for garment making…) I’ve come up with some shortcuts that reliably lead to success in using these “wild” materials.  

My research & experience has guided me in setting up a variety of simple systems for quilt-making with fabrics like silk, linen, and wool (as well as for including bits of garments and household textiles— like tea towels and old curtains…) & I’m pretty convinced that you will benefit from these approaches, which I share FREELY in this Web/Journal. And here’s another chance to get on our Textile Dream Studio mailing list if you haven’t already.  I’m looking forward to sharing some time with you upcoming.  Xxoo–foxy